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Abaco Bahamas Real Estate

Approximately 180 miles to the east of south Florida lies a true island paradise that is nothing less than a slice of heaven on earth. We’re speaking of the Abaco Islands, which lie in the north-west Bahamas and include several smaller island resorts like Treasure Cay. While some people who fall in love with our island way of life are content with just visiting Abaco once every few years, we get plenty of people who come for a short vacation and end up investing in Abaco Bahamas real estate.  Thanks to the professional and experienced team of John Cash Realty, purchasing Abaco Bahamas real estate, including Treasure Cay villas for sale could not be easier or more hassle free.

There are many reasons why someone  would want to purchase a home in the Abaco Islands, including Treasure Cay. Our islands have attracted first‑time homebuyers in search of adventure, retirees in search of rest and relaxation, and investment property buyers in search of long‑term rental income. No matter which category you may fall into, John Cash Realty is confident that we can help you find your ideal home in the Abaco Bahamas real estate market. We have matched buyers with everything from single‑family homes to Treasure Cay villas for sale and we can help you find your perfect island home, too.

While many homebuyers and property investors may be enthusiastic about the chance to own a piece of Abaco Bahamas real estate, foreign buyers need to understand that the real estate buying process may be different in The Bahamas than what they are used to at home. This  is why anyone interested in purchasing a home in the Abaco Islands or Treasure Cay area in particular, should work with the experienced and reputable Bahamas real estate team of John Cash Realty. John Cash Realty is owned and operated by eighth generation Bahamian native and experienced real estate agent, John Cash. John Cash and his team are especially adept at helping North Americans, Europeans, and others from around the world purchase property in The Bahamas. In fact, John Cash actually spent several years in the real estate industry in the United States after graduating from college in Florida. His in depth understanding of American and Bahamian cultures helps his team match buyers with island dream homes on a regular basis.

You can view listings of currently available Treasure Cay villas for sale and other Abaco Island and Treasure Cay homes online at If you’re going to be in The Bahamas in the near future, you can contact us directly to schedule a time to view available properties in person. As we show you around the islands, you can be sure that we will point out all of the great amenities that homeowners in the area enjoy on a regular basis.

For more information on available properties and how to purchase homes in the Abaco Bahamas real estate market, contact the friendliest real estate team in The Bahamas, John Cash Realty. Email:, Office Tel: (843) 278-0277, Business Cell: (242) 477-5056.